Evniverse Safety

Modern online system for electronic training and organization of occupational safety.

All functionalities

Meet Evniverse Safety - a fully functional and modern system that facilitates electronic safety and occupational health training. The opportunity for training managers, training creators (the individuals responsible for occupational safety processes), and internal company users.

Quick, easy, and effective creation of safety instructions

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Evniverse Safety helps you quickly and effectively create and conduct workplace safety training. Whether you are a manager or responsible for occupational safety (HSE), with Evniverse Safety, you can easily track which of your employees have completed training, their progress, and the need for refresher courses.

Instruction Editor

Selection of the structure and content of the instructions
Using text, links, images, and videos
Providing supplementary materials
Easily identifying the target audience
Categorizing and tagging with specific words and terms
Ability to add assignments to employees
Setting periodicity when necessary
Automated email notifications to registered employees

Verification of success after completing instruction training

In addition to all the necessary features for convenient instruction creation and management, Evniverse Safety provides another convenience - a powerful Test Editor.

With its help, you can easily and quickly assess the knowledge of your employees through:

Creating tests from question catalogs
Setting time restrictions for completion
Various test variations
Issuing certificates with individual design

Intuitive management

After creating your instructions, Evniverse Safety will provide easy management, allowing you to determine which employees must go through the respective instruction(s) and when. Our system will automatically ensure that you take the necessary steps and don't miss anything related to occupational safety. In the Evniverse Safety platform, you can use the following features that facilitate administrative processes:

Creating groups of people with similar roles for easier management
Groups of instructions applicable to everyone or a specific group of employees
Ability to assign instruction to a specific employee
Setting a deadline for the completion of assigned instructions
Automatic tracking of the status of instruction execution
Opportunity for voluntary enrollment by employees in courses

Tracking progress when going through instructions

Tracking assigned instructions
Calendar for easier deadline tracking
Automatic progress tracking of the employee
Ability to ask questions about the instruction

User administration and access management

The administration of Evniverse Safety is practical and convenient, and the system itself is secure - using modern standards and access methods

Control over the functions of the administrator, manager, and users
Managing user access rights
Creation and management of groups (for departments, activities, etc.)